Are Custom Pens an Effective Marketing Tool for My Business?

Every person has had a moment where they have needed or reached for a pen and been unable to locate one. While the world may still be moving towards more digital communication, there is always going to be a place for handwritten notes and messages. For decades, the custom pen has been a part of that.

Companies and brands have had many pens produced with their name, logo, phone number, website and email information (or some of the previous) located on the pen itself. However, are custom pens still a useful marketing tool in the digital age? Will they provide adequate marketing benefits to outweigh costs? 

Answer: Custom Pens Actually Offer Surprising Market Recognition

There’s a thing about pens that people who find a good one know. You don’t throw away a good pen! There’s far too many that will start to fade or won’t write correctly when they are used. However, a good pen is hung on to and used repeatedly. That’s part of the importance of making sure you’re getting higher quality promotional pens. A good quality pen imparts a specific message upon the user. It says “this pen is good, therefore the creator of this pen is good”. This simple association is often more than enough to help generate some business. 

Another intelligent aspect of marketing through custom pens is that they can be passed around easily. Since almost everyone uses pens to some degree, there’s strong visibility of your name and brand. What’s more, is that it’s repeated visibility! So much of marketing today is single imprint marketing. People see an ad and then they move on quickly because they may not be interested. In order to get another imprint, there’s a specific level of saturation that is required in these online ads. Pens work in the opposite fashion. A business will get view after view as the pen is continually used. Even if the provider isn’t a service or good used frequently, the name is within the pen users mind and the product can be picked up and used eventually. 

Pens can help generate sales leads, and function especially well at trade shows. Everyone is used to carrying around swag bags. In most cases at a trade show, you aren’t giving away pens so they will be used. You’re giving away pens to open up a brief conversation with someone in your field. Most booths are passed by so quickly that anything to get a person to stop is a net benefit to be sure. 

Another option when it comes to custom pens is to get them as gifts for employees. A beautifully designed custom pen can be a wonderful item to present to an employee as a holiday gift or as an anniversary gift for their employment. Fancy fountain pens with proper engraving are a way to show people that the business cares about its employees. 

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