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Can An Employment Agency Find Me Work?

Landing a job, much less a dream job, can be an arduous process. This is especially true for individuals with a criminal background, people who have little work experience, those who have been out of the workforce for a period of time, or are starting a new career. Companies have long since moved past posting jobs in their local paper and have now turned to the Internet for advertising positions and posting online applications for employment, making the process even more impersonal. For every online job posted, there can be hundreds of applicants just “clicking to apply,” and with any kind of special circumstance in your work history, landing a job can be especially difficult. So, the question is, can an employment agency help find me work? 

Answer: Employment agencies can specialize in those struggling to find work

The simple answer is yes, and employment, staffing, or recruitment agencies can help you find work. This is how it works. A company will hire a staffing agency if they either have high employee turnover or have an immediate need for multiple hires. Hiring an employment agency is a service that reduces a company’s human resource demands, and also helps to filter out applicants who wouldn’t be a good fit.

When you go to an employment agency, there are multiple ways that they can help you. First, they can help you create a resume and cover letter that will help you to apply for positions. They can also assist you if you have any special considerations in your work history or any challenges that you may have. Next, they will search their database for a position that will work for you. They will either hire you as an “employee” of their staffing agency, so you will be paid by them (which they are reimbursed by the main company that you will be working for after they take their cut), or they will submit your information to that company and you will be hired with help through the employment agency process.

There are several points to take into consideration. If you are being paid through the staffing or employment agency, chances are, the rate of pay will be lower than if you were hired by the main company itself. Second, many agencies may require you to travel to the position that you find. If you do not have transportation, make this very clear from the go. Third, an employment agency may have specific guidelines that you need to follow- such as drug testing, a criminal background check, a driver’s abstract- that the main company may not require.

Employment agencies have a great handle on jobs in the area, saving you a lot of groundwork. They usually have inside information directly from the companies that they work with, along with local job listings. Those who are hired from the employment agency as an employee have an easier time transitioning into a full-time paid employee of the company after they have some work experience.

There are different types of employment agencies available for different types of populations as well. Some serve Veterans who are trying to get into the workplace after their military career. There are also agencies that work specifically with people with disabilities, youth, and those who were recently incarcerated. Although many of these agencies are private, there are some available in the non-profit sector as well.

For those looking for assistance getting back into the workforce, seeking the help of an employment agency may be a beneficial step to speeding the process along and increasing the chance of securing employment. However, if you are looking for management positions, or those directly related to a specific niche, sometimes applying directly to the company is a better choice. Employment agencies can still assist you with interviewing skills and resume development if you are in need, but a majority of the time, these companies are geared towards entry and intermediate level positions.

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