Do I Have the Right Traits for a Career in Customer Service?

If you have ever wondered whether or not you have the right traits for a career in the customer service industry, it’s important to realize that this is an industry that requires a certain type of personality in order to excel. For those who are well suited to this type of work, it can be an extremely rewarding career. On the other hand, if you’re not well suited to the job, you might find yourself feeling increasingly frustrated with each passing day.

Like so many of the other jobs that are out there, it’s important that you ensure your own personality traits match up to the tasks at hand before you choose this for your career path. Below are some of the traits that will help you do well in the field of customer service. In short, you need answers to these three questions: do you enjoy dealing with people, do you have the right personality for the job, and is this type of career in line with your goals for your life?

Answer: You Must Enjoy Dealing with People on a Daily Basis

Some people really enjoy conversing with people and others have a more quiet nature about them. It can be frustrating if you happen to be one of the more quiet individuals and you're in a job where you're expected to make small talk with perfect strangers all day long. Therefore, the people that do the best in customer service jobs are those that can easily talk to others about practically anything, even when they have never met that person before. If this sounds like a personality trait that you possess, you might do very well in the industry. On the other hand, if you prefer not to talk unless you genuinely have something important to say, you might struggle a bit in the customer service industry.

It's important to remember that virtually anyone can successfully do most types of jobs if they really put their minds to it. That doesn't mean that you're always going to be happy about the situation. In this particular case, the ones that end up enjoying their jobs in customer service usually have what's considered a bubbly personality, one where very little bothers them and they're capable of making light of most situations. If you're the type of person that is more serious or you get offended easily, you might find the customer service industry to be a big struggle for you because you're constantly being pulled in different directions. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for those who are more serious and reserved to have a hard time with most jobs in the industry.

By the time most people are ready to enter the workforce, they know what makes them tick and that gives them a better idea of the specific industry they might be interested in working in. Just like many other jobs, customer service requires a person that is passionate about what they do, not to mention having a flexible attitude about many things. If you're not passionate about providing customer service, people will pick up on that, regardless of how hard you're trying. By the same token, if you're really more interested in doing other things than working in this industry, it will show sooner or later because you have to be fairly flexible with your schedule in order to work in this industry.

Additional Resources

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