How do I Choose the Right Email Hosting Provider?

In an environment where technology is quickly evolving, email quickly became an integral part of communication in both large and small corporations. According to a survey by Windows IT Pro digital magazine, 96.84 percent of the respondents claimed that email was very important to their day to day business activities. Quite simply, email is a part of everyone's business and personal lifestyle whether they want it to be or not. 

Irrespective of the industry in question, from health to education, finance to retail, most organizations require efficient email and collaboration software that can help in reducing administrative costs. However, with the many email hosting services available today, how can one find one that can effectively cover all of their needs?

Answer: Focus on a Secure, Flexible and Easy to Use Option.

According to Windows IT Pro digital magazine, ensuring that email messages are protected is a big concern for users seeking email collaboration software. Not only is it imperative to protect content, but appropriate email security will assist head off possible hacking through email. Businesses that do not seal hacking loopholes often land in serious financial problems. Even though financial loss through email hacks is often way less, the risk associated with bankruptcy is not worth it.

Business owners should consider looking for email collaboration software that use advanced technology to secure information. Particularly, anti-spam filtering, anti-malware, and data loss prevention mechanisms should be put in place. Organizations should find email hosting services that have globally redundant servers to ensure that email information is backed up appropriately. Additionally, the hosting service should have a team of experts that are actively monitoring servers and are available to provide effective disaster recovery mechanisms.

The most ideal email hosting service must offer its clients complete control over its email environment, but also be available to extend help when it is needed. Dependable customer services a necessity; such a service should include reliable email, phone, and chat support.

When choosing a good email hosting service, businesses ought to look for services that provide easy to use web-based interfaces. An easy to use web-based interface gives organizations the required flexibility to complete administrative roles on time.

Business owners should understand the value behind efficient production, and that is why it is very important to have a reliable email system working for them, not against them. Business owners should seek email hosting services that provide enterprise-level syncing with many mobile devices and web-based applications. Regardless of whether a business has two or a hundred employees, organizations will need the capability of collaborating using shared calendars, tasks, and global address lists.

Companies need the freedom to decide what email options they require and what options are not necessary. Organizations should select an email hosting service that provides a number of features and service levels. That way, the businesses can start with the basics and expand slowly without having to switch hosting services down the road immediately the business starts to change or grow. This is a particularly cheaper way for small businesses and start-ups.

Additional Resources

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