Is Getting an Online Psychology Degree Really That Easy?

People with psychology degrees have never been more sought after. The median salary for someone with a psych degree is now over twice the national average! What’s truly surprising is how easy it is to get a degree in psychology online that provides such value. Getting an online psychology degree means working at your own pace and schedule to make it easy for you! An online psychology degree may just provide the future you are looking for! 

Most online psychology degrees are made easy thanks to the institutions that offer them. Colleges and Universities offer full Bachelor’s degree courses through their online learning portals. You get access to fully qualified professors and all the same course materials that any student who may be taking the course in person does. From this brief information, the answer to the question “Is Getting an Online Psychology Degree Really That Easy?” should be readily apparent. 

Answer: Getting your online psychology degree has never been easier than it is now. 

There’s many different specializations that can be taken when it comes to psychology. Most people picture a therapist sitting and listening while they take notes. While this can be useful, there are a wide variety of topics that you can focus on while educating yourself online. Marriage and couples counseling becomes more valuable and more sought after. Clinical and research psychology looks into the human brain from a scientific perspective in an effort to find the causes and effects of many mental illnesses. Child psychology helps children handle trauma or difficult situations. Online psychology degrees naturally lead to degrees in forensics as well. Arguably the greatest advances in psychology jobs have to be focused on “industrial psychology”. Psychologists use their knowledge and education to assist businesses in handling work-related issues to be more efficient and hopefully more productive. 

After you know what kind of specialization you’re interested in, then you need to choose what level of degree you’re interested in getting. In many cases, a Master’s degree will be required. When it comes to psychology, knowing your interest and your passion from the start can save a lot of issues later. Master’s degree programs are also offered online. Master’s programs are more specialized into a specific aspect of psychology. Often, a Master’s program directly leads to the career that you’re interested in. 

This is not to say that an online psychology degree at the Bachelor’s or Associate degree level is not useful. First off, they are typically required in order to take a Master’s degree. Secondly, there are also lesser positions and assistant positions available. Focusing on the shorter and simpler degree programs earlier will allow you to get some practical experience in your field before you move on to something more serious like a Master’s degree. 

Quality Online Programs

The good news for those interested in taking a psychology degree online is that there are a huge number of Colleges offering excellent online psychology degrees. The adage “you get what you pay for” isn’t always accurate in this case. Many state and less expensive schools offer wonderful education and are excellent choices. The one requirement should be making sure that any courses you’re taking are fully accredited and acknowledged. There’s nothing worse than taking an educational course that isn’t trusted in the field! What follows are some great choices for getting degrees online. Each school has their strengths and weaknesses. These tend to be great with their online offerings, flexibility and reasonable pricing! 

  • Florida International University - This is a fully online psychology Bachelor of arts degree that works fantastically for people on a budget. The full tuition cost can average around $10,000 for the entirety, depending on the amount of course hours taken. What’s more, while it’s more expensive for people outside of Florida, it’s not a huge boost in price like it is for many schools. 
  • University of Idaho - The University of Idaho is another online option with vastly reduced tuition rates for their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in psychology. Tuition can come in around $8,000. In addition to their Bachelor programs, The University of Idaho also has a full online Master’s degree in Human Factors of psychology. 
  • Saint Joseph’s University - This Philadelphia Catholic University mixes high standards with good acceptance rates for students. While it offers a Bachelor’s degree, that’s not all that Saint Joseph’s has to offer. Saint Joseph’s offers multiple Master’s degrees programs online, as well as online certificates that can be taken after a Master’s degree. 

Additional Resources 

It’s likely that you have some more questions. If you’ve come this far, you are likely interested in the field. There’s a lot to go through before deciding on a career in psychology. The following resources offer additional help in figuring out exactly what you’re interested in. Online beginner courses can ensure interest, while the other articles assist in determining exactly what kind of career you want to chase after. 

  1. Coursera - Coursera allows you to take online courses from a variety of different educational institutions around the world. Rather than diving right into a psychology degree online, it can be a good ideal to simply take a course or two to make sure the interest is real! A beginner course or two goes well. Some of these courses also offer certificates in single topics, which can look great on a resume or to teach a new skill. 
  2. Psychology Today - For people who have finished their Bachelor or Master’s degree online, it’s likely that a PhD may be in your future. This article from Psychology Today helps people to understand the application process for people trying to get into clinical PhD programs. 
  3. VeryWellMind - If you’re ready to start on your psychology journey and are unsure which career is ideal for you, then this article is a great place to start. It outlines many of the career types available with a psychology degree, as well as speciality options. It will also provide some basic information on expected salaries and the education required for positions. 

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