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Is Nursing School A Career Choice I Should Consider?

Choosing a career can be difficult. The ideal career should be one that pays enough money to live comfortably while providing a person something they love to do. Going home at the end of the day and falling asleep fulfilled by your job will really make life easier. For people who really care about their fellow mankind, the health industry is a natural choice. 

Medical school is incredibly demanding however. You need to be among the top students in college and you need to have a great understanding of biology. It’s also incredibly expensive. Medical school is one of the most expensive options out there. For many people, nursing is a more attractive position. Nurses get to spend more time with patients and they don’t need to go into such severe debt to start working. For people who don’t want to commit close to a decade to education, it begs the question: Is nursing school a career choice I should consider? 

Answer: Nursing is one of the most mentally rewarding careers available if you love people. 

There’s a lot to be said for nursing. It’s a consistent career that isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. There are seemingly never enough nurses to fill every role in the United States. There’s also a lot more variety to nurse positions than people realize. 

Going to nursing school varies. Much like other professions, there are varying levels of nurses. The Nursing assistant will require the least amount of schooling. Licensed practical nurses will complete more tasks than the nursing assistants and will need to complete a diploma program. The next level is the registered nurse. This group is often what people think of when they consider a “nurse” in their head. There’s two levels of schooling that could be required. You either need an Associate’s degree in nursing (ADN), or picking up a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. The Bachelor’s degree option is often more sought after, but it does take longer. If someone is going back to school and already have a Bachelor’s degree in one of the sciences, the time is often about equivalent to getting an ADN. The final level is what’s known as advanced practice registered nurses. In order to reach this level, you will need to receive a Master of science in nursing. 

It should be noted that nursing is not a career for everyone. There’s a lot of negatives that go along with the benefits. The first is that many nurses feel that they are underpaid. In many cases, this is true. The average salary of a nurse pales in comparison to that of a doctor and can sometimes lead to some friction. Nurses also often work very long hours and may have a schedule that is unpredictable, making their social life a bit harder. An underlooked aspect is that nurses are at a bit higher risk for potential medical issues than others, simply because they are around patients so much. While this usually isn’t a problem, a situation like the global pandemic has shown that healthcare workers really are at risk. 

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