Is There a Perfect Time In Life To Get a Computer Programming Degree Online?

It is possible to earn a Computer Science Degree Online, while learning at your own pace. A degree in computer science or computer programming is one of the most valuable and sought after degrees. Whether you’re looking at starting a new career, bolstering your resume, or simply trying to expand your current skills, computer programming skills make anyone a more valuable employee. Learning to Code can be done by anyone, and may just be the next step to a brighter future.

Finding accredited online computer science courses is easier than ever. Many prestigious colleges and universities make use of remote learning to help people get degrees. Alternatively, smaller courses are available to provide experience and knowledge in single topics. These topics can build to a degree level of knowledge, or function as a specialization. Furthermore, these educational opportunities can work for anyone. Many seniors have chosen to try learning a new skill and adapt to the digital world. They’ve helped solve the question: “Is There a Right Time to Learn Computer Programming?”

Answer: You can find beneficial computer programming courses for any age group.

An interesting wrinkle to computer science education is that it can be attempted at any time during a person’s life. Prerequisites to taking courses are usually a passing familiarity with computers, but the languages and skills taught don’t need to be learned through years of earlier education. 

When looking to find computer programming classes, there’s two options for people to pursue. The first is a degree. This may be a two year associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree spread out over four years. This is certainly a traditional way to get a thorough education. The other option can be very flexible. Accredited computer programming courses allow people to become familiar with a specific topic or programming language and get a certificate for their efforts. These courses are a great way to stay abreast of new programming languages or enhancements in the industry. They are also a great way to get started. Often overlooked is the benefit these additional skills can have on a resume. With so many people often having similar resumes for a position, that one extra skill can distinguish a potential applicant. 

How To Find The Best Online Computer Programming Courses

The word premium will mean different things for different people. When it comes to online education, premium often means flexible. Taking courses online requires flexibility in the course structure. This allows students to complete tasks at their own pace. Many people are learning these skills to add to their resume and are working full time jobs. Unsurprisingly, the best place to find online courses is online. There are a variety of ranking blogs and websites full of information as to which school is best. Research is the most important step. Check out the schools, check out the programs, look into the timelines for classes. You want to make sure that scheduling works for you, rather than just being "acceptable". Next step is examining your budget. While there are often many free courses for beginners, costs will certainly rise from there. If budgeting is an issue, find out if there's even some financial assistance available. There usually is! At this point you should be ready to make a choice as to how you want to learn.The following are just a few examples of great online computer programming offerings. 

  • Old Dominion - This private University is one of the best in Virginia. Unlike many schools that require a small amount of in person teaching, ODU offers their computer science program fully remotely. Costs are reasonable for both in-state Virginia residents as well as people who may wish to take it out of state as well. A bonus from Old Dominion University is that some professors offer up virtual office hours to meet face to face with them via web conferencing. It’s also possible that email or phone conversations can be used during the courses for one on one communication. 
  • University of Florida - The University of Florida is well known for their high quality online Bachelor of Science in computer science undergraduate program. The topics that will be studied are diverse and include concepts like operating systems, databases, discrete structures, digital logic and the basics of numerous different programming languages. 
  • Coursera - Coursera is one of the most popular and well known providers of courses and certificates. It brings together and amalgamates many courses from different colleges and universities upon many different topics. Coursera is perfect because it allows people to test their interest in computer programming with a smaller beginner course before diving in and commiting to a four year educational course. Each course is run slightly differently. Search for the aspects of computer programming you want to begin in. Basic programming fundamentals are a good place to start. Courses have varying price levels, with many starting out free! 
  • Treehouse - While Coursera offers up individual courses from different sources, Treehouse has brought together their own courses to one place. Treehouse courses are the definition of flexible as all course resources can be accessed at any point from any online device. Treehouse works on the subscription model. This can keep costs down. If you need to take a break, you can always cancel the subscription for a month or two and then resume later. 

It should be noted that while both the University of Florida and Old Dominion offer great online degrees, they are far from the only colleges offering good online courses. If you’re trying to find a computer programming program on a budget, check colleges within your own state first. Even online courses can be more expensive to out-of-state students. 

Additional Resources

While it's easy to get started learning computer programming, taking the plunge can still feel like a tough decision. Choosing a full degree program can be quite the commitment of time and money. Coding “bootcamps” are an alternative intended to give a shorter and more intense education in a specific subject. These bootcamps feature both online and in person options, with the full curriculum often finishing in 6 months. 

  1. Udemy - Udemy is a fully online educational source which allows you to take targeted courses at the topic of your choice. Courses feature top notch instructors from around the world combined together through the magic of the internet. Beginner courses can start for just a few dollars as an introduction, though they are well worth their full value. 
  2. App Academy - App Academy is another coding school which focuses on intense brief curriculum. While they also offer lessons in person, many can be completed online. App Academy has an interesting pricing structure in which many people don’t have to pay until after they find a new job based on the skills they gain. 
  3. Springboard - The Springboard curriculum will last for 6 months and is completed completely online. It excels in data sciences as well as analytics. Students can also focus in coding or UI design. Springboard actually has a refund guarantee if their students aren’t able to find a job in the 6 months following the successful completion of their project!

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