What Would Make a Career in Event Management Right for Me?

Event management is a growing field with many exciting opportunities. As marketing strategies keep changing, more and more companies want to host events where they can sell their products and services in a more personal way. Someone has to be in charge of organizing these events and making sure they are successful and relevant for the people attending.

Rather than handling it themselves or delegating it to their assistants, many companies are now hiring a professional to handle the details. A lot of people wonder if they have what it takes to be successful in this field. While it is true that a lot goes into being good at this type of job, what are the most important skills and personality traits?

Answer: You Will Need a Mix of Organizational and People Skills

A lot of relationships need to be built and maintained in order to be successful in the event management field. Strong relationships are needed with both clients and suppliers. As a company grows, or as a person moves up in responsibility, they will also need to be able to effectively communicate with employees. Providing support as well as motivation is a key role of the event manager. Delivering excellent customer service is also essential to this field.

Part of having good people skills is knowing what people will like. An event manager may be called upon to handle corporate, government, non-profit, or social events. Knowing the audience and planning around their preferences is key. A certain degree of creativity is essential to make the event a hit.

Events have a lot of moving pieces, so being able to make a plan and execute it is important. That being said, a certain degree of flexibility and quick-thinking is needed as well. Someone working in event management can be expected to plan every detail, including the budget, timeline, invitations, and supplies. Clients will have high expectations that their events do not go over budget. Anyone considering this field should have strong money-managing skills or take steps to improve theirs.

What makes an event manager different from an event planner is the level of involvement. A manager has to be a problem solver and is involved far beyond the planning stages of the event. Although often present for the event, planners are rarely expected to handle vendors or solve problems that arise during it, things that managers regularly do.

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