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Which Cyber Security Solutions Do I Need in 2021?

The online community continues to evolve at a rapid pace. For every advancement, there’s also a counter to this advancement. This is especially true for Cyber solutions. The security of people’s software and data is one of the most paramount issues any business has to deal with. Data breaches have brought companies to their knees and cost them valued customers. It’s a constant game of back and forth between security and those trying to crack it. In the end, one side gets a lead, before the other pulls it back. The best cyber security solutions manage to just stay ahead of those trying to breach them and keep your business safe. However, with the variety of features, it begs the question: which cyber solutions do I need in 2021? 

Answer: The right cyber security solution will account for the emerging flexible workplace.

One thing that’s changing is the way that people work. The global pandemic has managed to throw many a workplace on their head. The overall efficiency for many working from home either stayed the same or got even better. The downside is this has made security a little bit more difficult. The use of remote devices opens up more ways for attackers to get at a business. Rather than breaching one large secure device setup, attackers can try to vector their way in using people’s home setups. This is one of the reasons that cloud services are so convenient. The security is set up against people attempting to breach the cloud, rather than needing to make every device secure. 

Another consideration for the right cyber security solution has to be the size of a business. Small businesses certainly have different needs than an enterprise level system. For a small business, data protection as well as email monitoring is often enough to block out cyber threats and potential ransomware situations. 

New security solutions tend to be released every year, with most of them selling a subscription model to ensure that businesses are covered to their maximum. A company like LifeLock specializes in  software that works for identity theft protection online. Whereas something like Vipre offers endpoint security in the cloud as well as email security. It’s interesting to see how each software security solution tends to specialize in one area. Intruder for example is a solution that will actually scan a business network for vulnerabilities so that they can be found and closed up before they are ever exploited. This sort of preventative idea is obviously very popular. It’s much better to never deal with an issue than be forced to recover from it. 

Some other excellent cyber solutions in 2021 for small to large businesses include Syxsense, SolarWinds, Webroot, Mimecast, and Webroot. 

In the end, it’s possible that a combination of one or more of these solutions will lead to an ideal cyber security setup. 

Additional Resources

The security of a business is something that should never be compromised on. This means performing as much research as possible. Thankfully, this is a topic that the online community is passionate about and continues to offer much information on. Some great resources to take advantage of include: 

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