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Is an SUV The Ideal Vehicle for the Senior Lifestyle?

When you’re considering a vehicle for your senior needs, you’re going to have different needs than you did in the past.  For many seniors, their vehicle needs to ensure that their health needs aren’t a factor. This can mean vehicles that are easy to enter and exit. It might also mean increased safety features and driver assistance features. Climate control and any infotainment systems need to be easy to use. Many seniors may not need lots of seats all the time, but they may want to have plenty of room if they like to visit or bring their grandkids with them. Some seniors may love to hit the road and travel for leisure, so comfort is important, but a tow hitch to bring along an RV could be just as important. All these descriptions certainly beg the question: Is an SUV the ideal vehicle for the senior lifestyle? 

Answer: Of all vehicles to choose from, the SUV might offer the most senior benefits

First off, consider the safety features that are available in an SUV. Most SUVs are far from sparse with features, and important safety features like emergency braking, collision avoidance and lane departure warnings are often among the first features that exist. There’s one other feature that often provides a sense of safety as well. That’s the elevated driving position. SUVs ride higher than a sedan, which in turn means the driving position is elevated. This gives a more commanding view of the road. It provides confidence when driving, which can be a surprisingly important thing for senior drivers at times. 

So which SUVs are actually really good for seniors? There’s several models that tend to have all of the needs a senior desires. The Kia Telluride is a relatively new name on the SUV block and it’s pretty brilliant all around. It fits nicely with senior needs. While the third row would be small for adults, it’s perfect for grandkids. If you’re looking for a smaller subcompact SUV, the Hyundai Kona is a good choice. It’s incredibly user friendly and loaded with safety features and a rearview camera. The same can be said of the Subaru Forester, though it’s a bit larger than the subcompact Kona. There are several other small to mid size SUVs that are excellent options for seniors and don’t try to break the bank. The Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 all fit into this category. One final SUV to consider is the Lexus NX. It can be started remotely, has smart high beam lights and is jam packed full of comfortable materials. 

Additional Resources

There’s a lot of SUVs to consider out on the market. From there, it’s important to do your research to make sure that you’re getting a vehicle that’s right for you and not spending a fortune while doing it. These resources should help with finding a good suv for seniors. 

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