Is Buying or Leasing a Better Option With the Subaru WRX?

If you are ready to join the cult of Subaru drivers who keep on driving these diehard vehicles until there's no car left to drive, the option may come to mind regarding what payment route should you take. As noted, many Subaru owners become lifetime fans who want to continue driving their vehicles forever. This would be a strong vote for financing if you find that you are that type of driver.

However, leasing is always attractive if you think that you like the Subaru brand but that you are the type of person who likes the stress-free lifestyle of no repairs or resale complications. Of course, there is much more to the question for us to answer in greater detail below.

Answer: The Choice of Whether to Buy or Lease a Subaru WRX Depends on Your Lifestyle

Although Subaru has historically set itself apart from many other automobile brands by its cult following of diehard fans, more people are leasing now than ever before. What this means is that you can still trust that your Subaru will be ticking long after the warranty expires. However, if you want to be part of the current automotive trends, a lease might be right for you. There is a lot of wisdom to consider on this matter. Each payment plan has its advantages and potential disadvantages.

The reality is that automobiles are becoming increasingly complex. This means that it may be impossible for you to find independent specialists to work on your Subaru who is aware of all the technical issues that are model-specific. Only the dealerships have the abundant resources to pinpoint problems and solve what are essentially technical glitches or hiccups in many cases. Most general repair shops are only willing to get involved with a vehicle if they can see the damaged part and justify spending the time instead of chasing head-scratcher problems that are beyond their education and experience.

Depending on the dealerships is a good thing because you know that your investment will last with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Aftermarket parts tend to erode and break down prematurely, even soon after installation. The quality of the rubber and fit of the parts is generally substandard. An authorized Subaru dealership only used warranty-backed Genuine Subaru parts that should theoretically double the life each vehicle system as it is updated. Nevertheless, owners may feel that their money is better spent on leasing a new vehicle rather than paying for the proper upkeep of their vehicles when infotainment and other safety systems are becoming obsolete. You also benefit from lower down payments and a shorter payment plan when you lease that gives you a way out if it is straining your budget or what have you.

When it comes to financing a vehicle, you have the freedom to put unlimited miles on it and to customize it any way that you may desire. Although some mechanical modifications may void the factory warranty on systems you modify, you have the right to build a track car and take that risk. If you are willing to deal with all these expenses of maintaining a lowered or adjustable suspension system, then you can upgrade your vehicle to suit your preferences. You can hold onto your Subaru WRX and keep it as one of your favorites to always remember the good times that you had together.

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