Is It Better to Plan a Wedding or Get a Wedding Planner?

There is little question that has led the debate over how to plan your wedding since the weddings themselves began. As timeless as the tradition itself, the question of whether you should plan your own wedding or use a wedding planner is one that is nearly always presented to the bride to be (and sometimes the groom to be) from the start.

Oftentimes the answer to the question directs the rest of the wedding so it is understandably something that should be given careful thought. It’s impossible to replace experience when it comes to planning. Experience allows for many pitfalls to be avoided.

Answer: The Extra Investment in a Wedding Planner Can Sometimes Pay For Itself

One of the biggest fears when it comes to using a wedding planner is that the wedding won't seem 'yours'. Admittedly, there is an element of control that you must give up when you hire a wedding planner. Their job is to make your life easier and much of that comes from them taking things off of your plate and making sure they get done. If you chose to plan the wedding yourself, every little detail can be chosen by you. That can be ideal for some, but it's always good to remember that the devil is in the details. Having a second set of eyes and someone you can count on to make all of the little choices can help you focus on the bigger, more important details of the wedding.

Another thing to consider when weighing the pros and cons of planning your own wedding rather than hiring a wedding planner is the cost as opposed to the convenience. Most if not all of those who have hired a wedding planner agree that the cost of a wedding planner was well worth it for all of their help and how smoothly things went. Wedding planners tend to have ties with various vendors and can end up saving you some costs. They are also there on your big day to ensure everything flows smoothly from start to finish. There’s value in avoiding stress.

Additional References

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