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Is It Really Possible To Get Big Discounts On Flights?

Everyone loves to travel. Certainly, people have come to appreciate the joy that travel can bring with it being so limited in recent history. As normalcy returns, people are going to get out there and start traveling once again. Whether it’s a tropical beach vacation, experiencing a new culture, or just heading out to see distant friends and family, then travel could be in the near future for you. There’s really only one problem with travel. It’s just so expensive! The biggest costs often come from expensive flights both domestic and foreign. There’s a lot of information out there and hints about getting cheap flights. However, much of this seems to go up in smoke as soon as you go to book a flight. It leads someone to ask, is it really possible to get big discounts on flights? 

Answer: Discounts on flights are available, but require a sacrifice of some kind. 

Airlines want to sell all of their seats on a plane. Each flight is going to be taking off and flying anyway. Empty seats are simply lost revenue. This is the number one reason that people can get a big discount on their flight. Booking at the very last minute or flying means that the flight isn’t going up at partial vacancy and you get where you want to go! It may sound odd, but a great way to get a cheap vacation is to head to the airport and see what kind of flights are on sale or on standby. You’ll need to be versatile and book accommodations while waiting for your plane, but many of the same things about seat vacancy in flights applies to hotels as well! Just ensure you bring clothing that can work in multiple biomes and that your passport is ready to go. Essentially, you sacrifice a lot of choice in destination, but you can get a great deal. 

The other way to get a great price on a flight is to book it well in advance. Just as planes don’t want to leave only partly full, an airline is going to feel more comfortable if they know that they have a minimum number of passengers on an intended flight so that they aren’t losing money sending it up in the air. This is why flight costs are often about one half of what they might be during the peak buying period (which is about 1 week to 6 weeks before a flight). Booking three or four months in advance will almost always get you the lowest listed price for a flight. 

There are several websites that are dedicated to finding discount or low cost flights. One of the best options is to try to find one specifically related to a major airport operating near you. These types of websites will look for deals specifically for flights from your airport. This brings down the huge amount of information out there to something more manageable. 

Additional Resources

Obviously there’s a lot of information out there about travel. In the search for cheaper flights, there’s plenty of resources to look into. Some great options include: 

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