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Is Renting a Beach Home Really Better Than a Hotel Room?

When it comes to a beach vacation, the formula has been really well established. People book a hotel room or a resort and then they hit the beach. It could be a beach connected to the hotel, or it might be one that’s nearby. While the beach part of that equation is of course good, the hotel part isn’t always what people are interested in. Hotel rooms aren’t exactly renowned for their size or versatility. If you’re at an all-inclusive resort, you might be paying for services you don’t want. If you’re not, the services and meals you’re getting are often very expensive. A popular trend has been to abandon the hotel room and instead rent out an entire beach home. But is renting a beach home really better than a hotel room? 

Answer: Beach houses are often superior for families and groups of travelers

Arguably the biggest benefit of renting a beach house is usually the space and the room inside. Rather than a single hotel room which will probably have two beds, many beach houses can have 4 or more beds available to people. This can be especially beneficial for people who are traveling with children. Having their own room gives the children a chance to sleep peacefully and undisturbed while the parents have their own party. 

Another great thing about a beach house is that as long as you rent the right one, you step straight onto the beach. You don’t need to go through hallways, or take a taxi. It’s right there. Even if the beach house is a little bit further from the water, it'll be a very short walk.

Beach houses are all about flexibility. Not everyone wants to eat at a restaurant for every meal. A beach house will offer up a full kitchen. For people who’d rather eat a nice breakfast they make themselves, or a proper lunch off the beach, this is often a superior choice. It might require purchasing some groceries quickly, but this is the 2020s. That can be delivered. Most beach homes will also give laundry services as well. With this, you can usually pack lighter and save more space for souvenirs. 

Part of the beach house revolution is that they are so much easier to find now. The invention of travel apps has allowed almost anyone to rent out their beach house when they aren’t using it. Make sure you’re reading the reviews of any potential place you are renting. You want to ensure that it’s being managed correctly and run right. There’s nothing worse than showing up to something broken or being locked out. This is a minor concern these days, as most places you’ll find on a travel app have been used several times before. 

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