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Is The Baby Adoption Process As Difficult as People Tell Me?

Children are one of the world’s true joys for many people. However, unfortunately, a lot of people are unable or choose to not conceive on their own. Despite what some people think, that’s perfectly alright. Adoption is an important concept that helps keep the foster care system from becoming overwhelmed. It allows children to be cared for by people who want to be parents more than anything else! 

When you consider adoption you have to look at the needs of multiple people. There needs to be protections in place to ensure the safety and happiness of all involved. This means that the adoptive parents, birth parents and the adopted child are all happy as necessary. When picking adoption, many potential parents need to ask themselves: Is the baby adoption process as difficult as people tell me?

Answer: While the process is long and complicated, it’s worth it

The legal process of adoption varies in each state. However, there’s one overriding aspect, and that’s ensuring information is transparent and everyone makes an informed decision. This is the way to ensure that everyone is going to end up in the best possible situation at the end. Part of the reason there’s a legal process is to ensure there’s never any type of coercive element to try and push people into giving children up for adoption. 

Part of the frustration with the adoption process is often the length of time it takes. There’s a few reasons for this. The first is that it’s designed to allow expectant parents intending to give up a child time to reconsider. Consider an adoption where the birth parent changes their mind shortly after giving up the child. No new parent could bare to see their child taken away. It’s going to be an awful situation for everyone. Another reason is that it ensures thorough background checks can be done to ensure the safety and suitability of an adopted child entering a specific home. A big reason that people may not realize things take so long is that far more people want to adopt an infant than there are infants being put up for adoption. This results in waiting lists and long periods of time. This needs to be discussed with any adoption agency that you may choose to associate with. People willing to adopt older children may find some slightly shorter wait times, though sadly, infants are usually how most people want to adopt. 

One of the best ways to help navigate the adoption process is with the assistance of an attorney. There are many that can advise a person and help take them through the process. This professional help is under-rated. 

Additional Resources

There are a lot of resources online about adoption and helping someone find the child they want. These resources should provide more information about adoption and about how the process works. 

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  3. State Department - Adoption can occur from countries overseas as well. The State Department mandates the rules of these adoptions. This article provides information on how to go about this form of adoption. 

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