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Is There a Truck Intended For My Senior Lifestyle?

It’s rare for a vehicle to be developed for a specific group of the populace. Car manufacturers want to ensure as broad a range for their wares as possible. What they do is ensure that the features that appeal to demographics are included. This is especially true for senior buyers. Their focus on a truck’s features can be different from those of other buyers. 

Trucks are a surprisingly good choice for seniors. Despite the common belief that a truck is merely a work vehicle, modern trucks are some of the most luxurious and comfortable on the market. Trucks offer versatility to the modern senior who’s chosen to retire and may have a wide variety of hobbies they intend to pursue. However, since manufacturers aren’t making vehicles for seniors, it begs the question, is there really a truck that’s intended for my senior lifestyle? 

Answer: Several trucks have the features seniors crave in their vehicles. 

The first thing that needs to be defined is the most important features for seniors. Many consider safety and advanced safety features as the most important feature. This can include features like automated braking, collision warning indicators and multiple airbags placed at all potential impact locations. One consideration that many forget about is the high driving position in a truck. Many seniors prefer an elevated view of the road, which can allow them to drive safer and feel more confident behind the wheel.

The second thing that a lot of seniors are interested in is comfort. This is one of the reasons that vehicles made by Cadillac and Lincoln have been so popular with the senior class since their inception. Plush luxury is a nice benefit for people who have chosen to retire. In fact, let's be honest, you kind of deserve it. Modern trucks fit the bill in all of these respects. Once moving past the base trim designed for a simple work vehicle, it’s an ideal comfortable option. Seats are large, well cushioned and typically covered in rich leather. While the specifics can vary truck by truck, it’s a broad feature available on most trucks throughout the market. 

As mentioned earlier, many seniors and retired folks these days have diverse hobbies. Retirement is a chance to explore the world. In many cases, this includes the purchase of a recreational vehicle or a trailer to live in while traveling. If your RV purchase requires a truck to pull it, then you’re going to require strong towing capacity. This is one of the main reasons that a truck can be so useful for seniors. It’s really the only vehicle set which can allow seniors to tow a trailer throughout the country so that they can explore, while doing so in comfort. 

After considering the features, you may wonder which trucks fit the bill. One of the first is the Ram 1500. The Ram 1500 might be the best truck in the market. Features for seniors includes a rear bumper with a corner step, making it much easier to get up into the bed of the truck. It is also packed full of safety features like blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. Right behind the Ram 1500 as an option is the Ford F-150. This best selling truck has many of the same strengths as the Ram 1500. It’s packed with comfort in the spacious cabin. It also has a 360 degree camera, to allow for a safe viewing of the entire vehicle while parking or moving around in tight spaces. There’s some other full size pickups like the Silverado 1500 that feature a lot of the same benefits as the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 for seniors. 

Additional Resources 

Obviously, there’s a lot to go through when choosing a truck. These additional resources should help with making a decision on if a truck is right for you, and if so, what kind of truck you might want to put on your shortlist. 

  1. USNews - U.S.News & World Report is a website that focuses on vehicle buying and car advice. The linked article looks at trucks and specifically at the most comfortable offerings on the road today. Obviously, comfort is a major need for seniors as has been discussed. 
  2. Motor1 - Motor1 provides news about the automotive world to its readers. This article focuses on the features that senior drivers find the most important. It goes into very specific reasons for features, like the effects of arthritis on car buying needs. 
  3. Consumer Reports - Consumer Reports is one of the most widely known and read consumer advice webpages. This article in particular focuses on car and crossover options. If a truck is perhaps too big, this is a counterpoint for seniors who find they need something smaller. 

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