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Should I Base My Cruise Vacation Choice on the Cruise Line or the Location?

Everyone enjoys some degree of travel. For many, the cruise is one of their favorite ways to travel. You can visit multiple different locations while also enjoying top level amenities on the boat along the way. One of the best benefits of cruises is that there is a large amount of customization and options out there for you. Most people can find something to interest them and their travel needs. However, because there’s so much choice, there’s a lot of stories about cruise lines that people may not have enjoyed. It makes selection more difficult, especially if that cruise is headed exactly where you want to go. This makes the decision on picking a cruise tricky. You have to ask yourself: should I base my cruise vacation choice on the cruise line or the location?

Answer: If you’re looking for a special type of cruise, you’ll choose by line, otherwise you’ll choose by location. 

There are a huge number of cruise lines throughout the world at this point. Most of them offer great services to exotic locales, so if there’s nothing special about the style of cruise you’re interested in, then you’ll probably want to choose the locations that most excite you. Many people love going on cruises in Alaska, the Caribbean, Mediterranean or around Asia. Really, there’s so many options out there with great culture to enjoy that it’s hard to not want to try some. 

However, what happens if you’re looking for something different? Maybe a romantic or couples cruise? Perhaps you’re looking for a family or senior cruise. This is where different cruise lines really come to the forefront. For example, Windstar is a cruise line that has designed their ships specifically to try and cultivate a romantic atmosphere. Their destinations are often honeymoon destinations and they add intimate touches to their rooms and dining experiences. 

If you’re someone who wants to go on a cruise with your family, then there’s plenty of great options. Disney cruises are a natural fit for anyone who has children. Their cabins are designed for families as well and can divide rooms with curtains to give parents a moment of peace! Carnival and Royal Caribbean are also excellent cruise lines for families as they have features like nurseries and babysitting. There are youth facilities and water parks to provide the fun they need! 

These are only a small number of cruises with themes attached. Singles cruises, couples cruises, fitness cruises, seniors cruises and celebrity cruises are just a few of the options out there. Pick your favorite interests and explore if there’s a cruise involved. 

For the most part, this article has ignored one style of cruise. That’s the river cruise. River cruises are a very different experience with perhaps less amenities, but more time to explore the culture of various places. River cruises are especially popular throughout the many rivers of Europe where you may end up seeing 5 to 10 countries in the same trip. River cruises use smaller, more intimate boats. In most cases with a river cruise, you’ll spend very little time on the boat. Most of the boat travel will occur at night when people are sleeping, allowing you to wake up at an exciting new port in the morning. There are a large number with big names like Viking, Aqua Expeditions and Belmond

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