What are the Top 5 Chevy Models for 2019?

The top automakers are becoming more innovative with their new releases and as such, the playing field has become more competitive than it already is. Despite the stiff competition, Chevrolet remains to be one of the top car manufacturers in the United States and its current lineup of models continue to surpass benchmarks in the auto industry.

With 2019 ahead of us, some people may be looking for a car that comes from the esteemed brand but with such a large selection of cars to pick from, they need to be very discerning and well-researched. For those that want to try out something new from a renowned manufacturer, here are the top Chevy models for 2019 and possibly beyond.

Answer: The All-New 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Is Possibly The Best Model This Year

Chevrolet discontinued the Blazer line of SUVs well over a decade ago and the auto manufacturer is going to bring it back with the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer. The new Blazer entry is a selection midsized SUV that caters to modern consumers who are out for cars with a sporty look and performance.

The Blazer will launch in three distinct models all tagged at varying price ranges. The standard 2019 Blazer is pegged at $28,000 making it the cheapest of the three. It comes with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that runs at 193 horsepower. As with most modern car models, the Blazer comes with new amenities including an 8-inch touchscreen installed with Chevrolet’s own infotainment system.

Selling at a higher price is the Blazer RS at $41,795. Aside from a significantly better engine than the standard model, the Blazer RS’ aesthetics is more in-line with the model line’s sporty appeal. Last but definitely not the least is the Blazer Premiere that starts selling at $46, 795. The Premiere packs a more powerful engine than the RS and aside from this, the car is designed to have a more luxurious appeal to it. It is the perfect car for those with more to spend on their next car.

The new line of Chevy SUVs are possibly the best that the automaker has to offer for 2019 but if only one of these can be considered as a must-have, then it has to be the standard model. Though relatively cheaper than the other Blazers, Chevrolet still packed a lot of heat in the standard model.

Also in Chevrolet’s SUV line is the 2019 Trax. The new Trax model starts selling at $21,300 and carries a mileage of 25 MPG on the city and 31 MPG on the highway. It also comes with an impressive 48.4 Cu. Ft. cargo space at the back. It is Chevy’s cheapest SUV for 2019 but people should not doubt its performance over newer models like the Blazer.

These SUVs aren’t the only Chevy options people have though. Coming in close for bagging the top spot is the 2019 Cruze Compact car that starts at $17,995. The Cruze Compact can be bought in hatchback and sedan body styles and the assortment of colors to choose from are impressive as well.

The more expensive Cruze Hatchback sells for $19,620 and it comes with an impressive cargo space of 47.2 Cu.Ft. On the other hand, the Cruze Sedan starts at $17,995. In terms of speed and performance, the sedan model takes the win with its 38 MPG over the hatchback’s 37 MPG. However, the Cruze Hatchback is a popular choice for people who love cruising around with their family as the storage space is very generous and its mileage doesn’t lag behind the sedan model too much.

Rounding out the top 5 Chevrolet vehicles for 2019 are the always incredible Silverado and the surprisingly exciting and fun Volt. However, the good vehicles from Chevrolet don’t end there. Check out the whole lineup.

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