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What Kind of Experiences Could I Get From a Golf Vacation?

Golf is one of the most enjoyable hobbies out there for many people. Getting out on the links allows for relaxation and exercise at the same time. Golf offers challenges mental and physical. It can be taken seriously, or just as a happy pass time as you get together with friends. People who love golf tend to exhaust their local golf courses rather quickly. There’s an urge to go out and experience new courses and new challenges. This is where a golf vacation comes in. Travellers might want to go out and play a historic course, or just something located in a tropical biome for a change. However, before you head out and just expect to play a couple of rounds out there, the question should be asked: what kind of experiences could I get from a golf vacation?

Answer: Golf vacations have a surprising amount of fun to have in addition to Golf

Obviously, the most important part of any golf vacation is going to be the courses that you play. There’s plenty of different factors that will come into choosing which type of courses you want to play. Are you someone who loves a links style course? Then you may want to consider hitting up the United Kingdom for some of the best out there. If you’re someone who enjoys playing by the ocean, then California and Hawaii are incredible choices. British Columbia in Canada and Colorado have some impressive courses among the Rocky Mountains, giving an entirely different experience. 

The often forgotten about part of a golf vacation is the amenities that are also involved. If you choose a fully planned golf vacation, you might have car service to multiple local courses, while staying at a single hotel. You also might spend a few days in one location before moving to a new hotel for the next. Golf vacation packages tend toward more top of the line hotel rooms as well. Most will have an excellent restaurant within as well, as they know a day hitting the course builds up an appetite. 

There’s a lot of other activities that can make up a golf vacation as well, most of which are pretty common for other vacations. People may want to take a day to hit the beach, or explore some mountain trails. Playing 18 holes in the morning and visiting a beautiful museum in the afternoon offers up culture in a unique and enjoyable way. If you’re visiting a town with a bustling nightlife, going out to dance may be a lot of fun, just make sure you don’t stay up too late and miss your morning tee time! 

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