What Makes the Ford F-150 the Best Truck in 2019?

If you've ever gone shopping for a pickup truck, you have undoubtedly considered purchasing a Ford F-150. Ford has such a famous name in America. We are all taught early on in grade school about the history of the Ford Motor Company and their invention of the assembly line that made mass-produced automobiles possible at affordable prices. We all know that F-150 is a legend but may not have a clear idea of why it can be considered the best truck for 2019. What changes are coming to the Ford F-150 truck that we should drool over? Or, even more relevant, what market trends are driving up the stock on this exceptional suite of vehicles built upon the Ford F-150 platform model?

Answer: The F-150 has an unmatched blend of power, affordability and price

According to data from a recent study examining the first half of 2017, the Ford F-series topped global sales for vehicles in general, not just trucks. You might expect them to sell very well in the United States where it is produced because of the grassroots support of Americans. It did in fact, make up 95-percent of its sales where its roots are the strongest. These figures are just more trophies for a truck series that has won the leading spot for sales in the United States for over 40-years in a row. It is hard to imagine that anyone will be able to take the wind of Ford's sails when you consider that they continue to top themselves every year with new features and upgrades.

The F-150 already boasts of 7 different trim packages that accommodate everything from off-roading to limousine-style luxury. If you need a whole fleet of F-150's for your workforce, the economy versions are reasonably priced utilitarian designs that are sure to last decades with little maintenance. Ford is famous for inventing the coveted Ecoboost engine series with a mix of ultra-refined engineering that uses direct injection and port injection to perfectly manage fuel consumption. They continue to tweak more and more horsepower out of this engineering with a V6 that is cranking out 450-hp available in their Raptor model. When you consider that they also partnered up with GM to produce a 10-speed automatic transmission with 1-million lines of code, you can see that engineers are working around the clock to polish and refine this model.

The flagship F-150 is going to continue to represent the American dream as the icon of American innovation. There is no end in sight for this workhorse truck to start fading. 2019 promises to be a solid year with record sales as people become savvy to the fact that work trucks work for you and make you money to pay for your ride. Men love work trucks and being able to do all those great things that make them men: hauling loads, working in construction, landscaping, plumbing, and off-roading. The Ford F-150 is jam-packed with all sorts of unique features and options that you simply won't find elsewhere. It is a light-duty truck series with a heavy-duty construction behind it.

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