Which Honda Model is Better Value?

If a person is in the market for a new vehicle, and they have settled on purchasing either a Honda Accord or a Honda Civic, they may have some difficulty deciding which is the best for them. Both vehicles have been extremely popular since 1970. Both vehicles have also recently gone under a redesign.

They both look amazing and offer consumers the best driving experience. These cars are worth the value and will last for many years. A potential buyer will be able to find one of these Honda models that fit your needs. So which one should people choose?

Answer: Both Cars Are Amazing, But The Honda Accord Is The Better Option

The Civic is well priced and prices start at under $20,000. The Accord is a bit higher-priced and goes for around $24,000. Fuel economy is better on the Civic. The Civic is rated to get up to 32 miles per gallon in the city and 42 miles per gallon on the highway. The Accord will get 30 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway. The Accord is only slightly lower rated in gas mileage. The Civic has the most versatile of the vehicles. It is available in sedan, coupe, and hatchback. The Accord is available only as a sedan. People who like to drive will lean towards the civic if they like to drive as the car resembles the sporty vehicles.

If a person is looking for a vehicle with a more potent engine, the Accord is the winner. This sedan is powered by a 1.5 L four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It makes for 192 HP and 192-pound feet of torque. The Civic only has a 2.0 L and 4 cylinders. The Accord is much more superior when it comes to powertrain. As far as the interior goes, the Accord is a larger vehicle. It has much more interior space. It has more front and rear headroom along with rear legroom, and front and rear hip room. The Accord has around 7.8 cubic feet more space in the Civic. The Civic and the Accord both received good crash test scores. However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has rated the Accord as one of its top safety pick vehicles. The Civic did not get this award because it has subpar headlights. For consumers who want to save money at the pump, they may want to choose the Civic. It is especially good in the city. For people who want a larger size and a larger interior, the Accord is the winner. Since it has a higher safety rating, as well as larger space this makes it an ideal vehicle for families.

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