Will a Senior Living Facility Meet My Parent's Needs?

As we age, most people hope to find a good place to live that meets our needs. Many want to live in the home they have paid for and spent much of their adult lives in. However, as we age, we may need assistance or other features. Simple injuries can turn stairs into a nightmare for many people. In these cases, it’s time to consider senior living facilities.

These are specifically designed for the challenges we face as we get older. But how can people know if they are truly going to get everything they need from an assisted living home? 

Answer: Needs Vary, But a Good Senior Living Facility Should Not Lack For Amenities

Senior living facilities can come in two different forms. Assisted living facilities tend to be for those in fairly good health who aren’t looking for too much change too quickly. These facilities can look not unlike apartments or condominiums in appearance with everyone having their own spaces. 

The most important aspect for any kind of facility is customizability. No two situations are exactly the same. No two residents are going to need exactly the same care. Being able to increase or decrease the amount of support that a resident needs is the key to getting what they require from senior living facilities. It’s true that prices rise as you need more services. However, it’s possible that picking up health insurance with senior living facility coverage early in life can cut into a lot of the costs. 

As mentioned, there’s a lot of different amenities and services that can help someone when they move to a senior living facility. Some of the most important services include: 

  • Medical Care - This is one of the most important parts of assisted senior living. Medical care can start simply, like assisting with prescriptions and pills, but also include physical therapy, or nurses on the premises 24 hours per day. 
  • Comfortable Atmosphere - One of the most important days is move in day. Oftentimes, a facility can help their residents by helping decorate and provide a similar feeling to before. Furniture or other items provided need to be comfortable and supportive. 
  • Social Activities - While the individual living space is important, meeting new people in the facility is a benefit. Common areas like libraries, recreation rooms, gyms and theaters can assist in residents making new friends. 
  • Daily Assistance - This can undertake a number of different forms. Help with chores is common. This can include laundry, cleaning and cooking. 

For many people, a senior living facility needs to help with a specific issue or impairment. Specifically, memory issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be a challenge. In these cases, there are memory care senior living facilities. These have been designed to assist people struggling with memory. In cases of “wandering”, circular walking paths can help keep residents from potentially leaving and getting lost outside of the facility. Rooms and floors are very clearly marked and often color coded to help provide easy understanding and as many potential memory triggers as possible to assist. 

Additional Sources

No one should move into elder care without doing much research. These other sources can help you discover more about the various aspects of moving into a potential assisted living facility. 

  1. A Place for Mom - This website is designed to assist people in researching senior living facilities. In particular, this blog post helps people who are interested in assisted living determine if the time is right for their family to enter a senior living facility. 
  2. Seniorhousingnet - This website is a comprehensive database of locations which provide assisted living for seniors. This specific link is for a state by state database of potential senior living communities. From there, they are further broken down by city and area as well. Keep in mind that research should still be done to ensure that each facility is up to par with the needs of the potential resident. 
  3. The Senior List - This website is designed to assist senior citizens by providing basic information about a variety of different topics. In particular, this article is designed to provide some important factors that good senior living facilities all seem to provide. 

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