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Am I Doing Things To Cause My Own Back Pain?

Back Pain is something that no one wants to be a part of. Back pain can be incredibly painful and very difficult to get rid of. Many people know the pain of being stuck lying down at home unable to move, work, or spend time with their family. Back pain is quite simply no joke. There’s many instances where there’s nothing that can be done to prevent back pain and all that can be done is treatment. People who suffer freak injuries, accidents or have a hereditary disease have no real say in the matter of back pain. It’s just going to happen. For everyone else, some thought needs to be put into back pain, especially if it’s recurring. People need to consider the question: Am I doing things to cause my own back pain? 

Answer: Simple lifestyle changes could prevent a lot of back pain

Quite simply, the way we live our lives tends to cause a lot of back pain. People who live inactive and sedentary lifestyles at desks all the time are prime candidates. It’s not good for the spine as all the sitting puts some extra pressure on the back. Nerves get pinched and discs get herniated. The easiest way to alleviate this problem is by regularly standing up, moving and stretching. When sitting in a chair, a person needs to practice proper posture. A chair that has a good lumbar support will provide a lot of assistance as well and help encourage good posture throughout the day. 

Of course, part of a sedentary lifestyle tends to be obesity. People who are overweight have been shown to have increased change of chronic back pain and high-intensity back pain. Regular exercise will assist with the issues of stretching and being overweight. 

One of the worst things that people do to cause their own back pain is to lift things poorly or use poor form and posture. Almost everyone who’s ever lifted something with someone else or moved has been told “lift with the legs, not with the back”. It’s true and there’s a reason for it. The concept of “lifting with your legs” elevates the entire body and keeps the back straight. Bending over and lifting puts an incredibly high amount of stress on the back. It’s “pulling” instead of lifting. Anything that’s heavy is likely to cause discomfort or a quick injury. 

Additional Resources

Like many medical issues, there’s a lot of information out there about back pain. It can be difficult to sort through. There’s information to be found about what you’re doing to your back, as well as other factors of back pain. Some great additional resources include: 

  1. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - This website is full of well researched medical information. This article is a fact sheet that covers a huge number of different aspects of dealing with back pain. It can also be downloaded as a convenient pdf. 
  2. Spine-health - When looking into back pain, much comes from issues with the spine, and where better to get information about it? This article looks at the diagnosis and treatment of issues with back pain. 
  3. Web MD - Always a reliable source, Web MD offers information to readers about a wide number of medical issues. This article specifically looks at potential causes of back pain, which includes issues caused by the individuals as well as from outside sources. 

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