Can an Elliptical at Home Provide the Same Workout as at a Gym?

Cardio exercise is one of the keystones to health. Cardio exercise is crucial for heart health. However, cardio can be tough on the body. Cardio exercises can be one of the most stressful exercises on joints due to the often repetitive nature of it, as well as the amount of impact that the feet and joints have to absorb.

Arguably the best provider of low impact cardio workouts are elliptical machines. Since the feet shouldn’t leave the pedals, there’s no extra impact on them. Once someone has decided to make use of an elliptical trainer, the next debate becomes where to use them. While there’s plenty of elliptical machines available at the gym, memberships are often very expensive. Plus, people are often more likely to work out at home when the equipment is right there. However, can an elliptical device at home provide the same benefits and workout as going to the gym? 

Answer: The right elliptical machine will provide just as good of a workout at home if it’s used properly. 

There’s plenty of reasons to consider ellipticals for the home. For one thing, many elliptical machines are relatively small for exercise equipment. Many homes are lacking in space, and an elliptical can provide an excellent workout for such a small area. Ellipticals can allow people to easily listen to music or watch TV while they are working out as well. 

What makes ellipticals so good at home is that they are dual body workouts. Instead of just working on the lower or upper body, an elliptical works both parts at once! As long as the elliptical is being used correctly, a wide variety of muscles will be worked, including the biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings and glutes. It will also work the chest and back muscles. 

Consider that elliptical machines often offer a large amount of variety when it comes to handholds and in resistance. This is important when using one at home. Exercise routines can become boring when they are practiced over and over again. By keeping variation to the workout, it remains of more interest. It’s more interesting to try hill climbing one day, followed by interval training the following day. 

There’s one other consideration. Exercise equipment can be incredibly expensive. Elliptical trainers are available for almost any budget! They can start with the bare bones style for a few hundred dollars, running up to fancy ellipticals that run up to two thousand dollars. In addition, there’s special ellipticals which can only work the lower body and slide under a desk. They are perfect for people who work at a desk all day. 

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