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How Does Insomnia Manage To Keep Me Up At Night?

Many people struggle with sleep. When you can’t sleep, you tend to feel awful and are unable to function throughout the day. Lack of sleep can impact the body in both physical and mental ways. However, what’s causing people to sleep so poorly? In many cases, it’s because people are suffering from some sort of insomnia. Insomnia is probably the most common sleep disorder and affects the many different aspects of a person’s sleep. They might not be able to fall asleep, or stay asleep. Some people with insomnia wake up and then they still feel tired like they didn’t sleep at all. Sufferers of insomnia are often wondering, how does insomnia manage to keep me up at night? 

Answer: Insomnia sufferers both can’t fall asleep or stay asleep

As soon insomnia starts to affect a person’s day to day life, then it’s time to head to the doctor. The goal should be to attempt to pinpoint the cause of the insomnia as well as treat the initial cause. Many people after visiting their doctor will have to undergo a sleep study overnight. During this, the body will be monitored and an explanation to the issues often be determined. 

The reason insomnia is difficult to pinpoint is there are many potential causes. People who are dealing with chronic insomnia should immediately look to the stress in their lives. Stress is arguably the most common cause and can come from many different avenues. People struggle at work, school or with finances are prime targets for insomnia. Calming the mind in the face of this stress is very difficult, but needs to at least be attempted. The same can be said for people who have undergone stressful life events like a divorce, job loss or death in the family. 

Another cause of insomnia is poor sleep habits. Many people do things which make sleeping more difficult without even realizing it. Anyone struggling with insomnia should create a sleep routine and attempt to stick with it. This means avoiding engaging activities like eating, television or screen time close to bed time. Keep the bed for sleeping and sexual relations, while performing any hobbies or activities elsewhere. 

As mentioned, eating before sleeping can be a problem for insomnia. Many people eat far too much late at night and ruin their nights sleep. This can be as simple as eating a very late dinner, or just eating too much as a late snack. This can lead to heartburn or other discomfort which keeps people awake. 

There’s a very large number of sleep disorders, mental health disorders and medical conditions which can cause insomnia in people. In a lot of cases, the insomnia will abate once the condition has been treated. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the opposite. Insomnia will develop due to the medical issue and then will remain after the medical issue is resolved. 

Living with insomnia is difficult. In addition to issues with sleep, it will often affect the body throughout the daytime as well. People feel tired and sleepy throughout. Unsurprisingly, they may feel irritable, anxious or depressed due to the insomnia. Memory and attention may also suffer. The impact is heavy. People suffering from insomnia need to take action quickly. 

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