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Is LASIK Actually More Affordable Than I Think It Is?

LASIK eye surgery is a laser refractive surgery commonly recommended and done to help patients with vision issues. (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) LASIK can be the best alternative to contact lenses or glasses. 

To help improve your vision, your surgeon will change the shape of your eye's front tissue (the cornea) using a special cutting laser during the LASIK procedure. Under normal circumstances, the corneas usually refract right onto your retina; however, an incorrect bent would lead to unclear vision. People with incorrectly shaped cornea usually have astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness), or myopia (nearsightedness).

Although there are other available options, having a LASIK procedure will result in better results by offering the required refraction. When considering the initial procedure cost, LASIK could sound more costly. Nevertheless, considering the cost of contacts and glasses and that you need to wear them all the time, a LASIK surgery might be your best option. It still leads to the question: “Is LASIK actually more affordable than I think it is?”

Answer: LASIK might seem more expensive up front, but it tends to pay off in the long run. 

Understanding other vision correction options might help you make an informed decision concerning your situation. Typically, wearing glasses is the cheapest way of correcting sight as the basic frames and lenses are usually affordable. However, the annual doctor visits for checkups and other accessories make this option expensive in the long run. Additionally, patients usually replace their glasses after two to three years, costing them more, making a LASIK procedure a more affordable option.

Another alternative to correcting your vision is by wearing contact lenses. With this option, you can find your costs summing up to some hundreds of dollars annually. However, using this option means you will have to incur an additional convenience as you don't deal with glasses. Remember that this cost is for the basic contacts and solutions. Others may cost even more.

However, based on your condition LASIK option, you can quickly recover the cost, although there are more significant benefits than that. People familiar with contacts understand the challenge of removing them every night and dimmed vision in the morning.

Additionally, the contacts can shift, requiring constant adjustment and you can even lose them. Essentially, patients who undergo LASIK enjoy clear vision without any hassle or added costs.

While considering a LASIK procedure will help you save a lot in the long run, finding this money in the short term is challenging for many people. However, there are available options that you may choose from and gain clear vision without the need to use contacts or glasses. 

One of the available options is opening an employer-funded flexible account if it is available depending on where you work. You can pledge to save about $2,550 annually through this account, which is enough for a single eye procedure. Additionally, you can look for providers offering the service at a zero rate for the loan granted.

Are you in a state of confusion on whether to undergo the LASIK procedure or continue wearing contacts or glasses? If so, be sure to visit your doctor for consultation. Your surgeon will help you understand the benefits and risks associated with LASIK surgery as well as methods for payment. Your doctor will advise which might be the best option for you based on your condition.

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