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Should I Choose a Treadmill Over Other Home Exercise Options?

When you want to exercise at home, there’s a lot of different options. The easiest is certainly to figure out some exercises you can do without any special equipment or devices. While cheap, it’s not nearly as effective as if you’re using some equipment designed to push you further and train your body. 

However, then you need to decide which option is the one for you. Some people like to choose ellipticals because they are easy on the joints. Stair machines and exercise bikes have some of the same characteristics. Weight and resistance systems can provide a good pump, but perhaps aren't as well rounded as others. In the end though, many people go with the treadmill however. Why is this? Should I choose a treadmill over other home exercise options? 

Answer: Treadmills can offer a home a good balance of convenience and cardio.

One of the reasons that so many people choose a treadmill is that they don’t take up as much space as other exercise equipment. There are many types of treadmills which can fold up or fold out and be used. This means that for a smaller apartment or home, you don’t have a large item taking up valuable real estate space. 

Another benefit to the treadmill is ease of use. Most people intuitively understand and can use a treadmill at something close to maximum efficiency the second they set it up. Everyone knows how to walk or run, so the transition to running on a treadmill isn’t really that difficult. It merely takes some time to understand the feeling of striking the treadmill instead of pavement or grass. 

Another reason a treadmill is a great option is that it’s one piece of equipment which can definitely allow you to also pursue other things. Many people choose to watch movies or television. Some people even do some console gaming while they are on the treadmill. A surprisingly great option is to read while on the treadmill. It’s not hard to set up a stand for a book or e-reader. E-readers are arguably the better option for treadmills. 

For people who want their treadmill to function as a personal trainer, the Peloton system has come to treadmills and are providing the same kind of virtual classes which the peloton cyclists have come to love. They certainly aren’t the only company in this market either. There are plenty of treadmills which can access the internet and either provide recorded or live content straight to anyone exercising. 

The health benefits of a treadmill should be obvious to anyone. Many people consider walking and running to be the purest and best form of cardio exercise. In turn, this helps people to lose weight and arguably more importantly, increase their cardiovascular health. Heart health is often overlooked by people until they start to show signs of issues. Some simple time on the treadmill can help get ahead of potential issues. 

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