Will I Sleep Better if I Buy a New Mattress?

Getting a perfect night’s sleep is essential. Sleep is the body’s only opportunity to recharge its metaphorical batteries and be ready for each new day. However, not all sleep is created equal. Humans have been given the opportunity to sleep comfortably in temperature controlled environments on inventions intended to caress and support our bodies.

Of course, these inventions are mattresses. Almost everyone sleeps on a mattress of some kind. The technology of mattresses has continued to evolve from the old timey straw in a sack version from many decades ago. These days, mattresses can be packed with memory foam and other enhancements to try to provide the perfect night’s sleep. Are the new mattresses really worth it though? Will I really sleep better if I choose to buy a new mattress?

Answer: The Right Mattress Is One Step to a Great Night’s Sleep

Mattresses are crucial to sleep. There’s a reason that they can be rather expensive. A good mattress is an investment. But price isn’t the only consideration that can show what a “good” mattress is. Quite simply, different shapes of people need different mattresses. One of the most common measurements of a bed is the “firmness”. This indicates how much resistance it has when someone goes to lay down. Resistance typically runs from “soft” to “extra firm”. A general guideline is that the heavier a person is, the more resistance they will want to have. 

There’s many different types of mattresses that can be chosen. Most people are familiar with spring mattresses. These use metal springs in order to support people sleeping on them. Older versions would link every spring together so they would be sturdier. However, this resulted in movement on one area of the bed vibrating throughout the rest of it. Pocket coils were invented to allow each spring to move individually from another. Springs often offer the most support possible as they can be coiled tighter for extra firmness. Foam and memory foam mattresses have become more popular. They cradle well and are great for multiple sleepers. The downside to memory foam is it usually only reaches medium firmness levels due to the nature of the material. Hybrid mattresses can give the best of both worlds and use both to provide a great night’s sleep. More options continue to be developed to help people sleep on a great mattress. 

A mattress isn’t the only thing that can make up a good night’s sleep. It is a solid foundation to build upon. Bedding is important. Sheet sets, blankets and comforters are important for regulating temperature. If a person is too cold or too hot, they will not sleep well. The sheets in particular need to feel soft and not scratchy so that the skin doesn’t have to deal with any itchiness. Pillows are also very important to a good night’s sleep. They should cradle the head without causing the neck to be pushed to uncomfortable angles. 

Additional Resources

Since the mattress is so important, it’s good to be surrounded by proper information before you make your decision. Whether it’s time to buy a new mattress, and what kind it should be needs some research. 

  1. Sleep Advisor - This website specifically tries to assist people in their mattress purchasing, as well as other methods of improving sleep. This article is a pros and cons list of many of the different mattress types available today. 
  2. The Sleep Judge - This article from the Sleep Judge focuses on the many different types of mattresses used today. What’s more, they go into many of the different subsets of mattress types. For example, not just coil spring mattresses, but continuous coils, bonnell, offset and pocket coils. 
  3. Shape - Shape magazine attempts to focus on health and lifestyle, while providing basic information to people on many subjects. This article focuses on speciality mattresses and their benefits. It attempts to determine if there are concrete benefits to them, or if they seem to have more of a placebo effect on their users. 

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