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Would Contacts Be a Good Replacement For My Glasses?

Vision is something that many people take for granted. Corrective lenses and eyeglasses have been around for seemingly forever. However, when you consider eyeglass technology, not a whole lot has changed that much over the last century. Lenses are made, and fit into frames. The advent of contact lenses has helped give people with trouble seeing more options. No longer do people have to wear annoying frames and risk being blind if they leave them on a bus or at the gym. Contacts often give people far more confidence in their appearance as well. They look at their face and enjoy the look they had before glasses became mandatory. These concepts do beg the question: would contacts be a good replacement for my glasses? 

Answer: Contact lenses offer an added convenience and aren’t as expensive as people think.

There’s a lot of reasons to choose contact lenses. The first thing that people often don’t consider is that contact lenses can provide better vision in the periphery. This is because contact lenses sit directly on a person’s eyes so there’s no chance of frames or anything getting in the way. This is also especially beneficial for people who are active and like to play sports. Contacts allow you to play sports with no fear of losing your eyeglasses and avoids potential sweating fogging up lenses. They are absolutely perfect. 

One thing that’s often overlooked is that contacts have become about the same price over the long run as eyeglasses. Eyeglasses have a much higher upfront cost, while the cost of contact lenses is spread out over a longer period. However, just losing one pair of glasses can really inflate the costs of eyeglasses against contacts. Another factor to consider is there’s no need for expensive prescription sunglasses. 

Contacts are also very low maintenance. They aren’t going to scratch or require maintenance aside from placing them in some solution. If they are disposable, then that’s even less maintenance needed. Contacts are different and have different rules about how long they can be worn comfortably without 

Contacts give a lot of appearance benefits as well. Many people enjoy the look of their face without eyeglasses, which can provide them with a lot of confidence. Additionally, contacts have color changing versions too. This means that you can alter the appearance of your eyes to whatever color you love most. 

Additional Resources

There’s a lot of potential information out there about glasses and contacts. Everyone should always examine everything when it comes to their vision. These resources are a good place to start. 

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