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Would Getting Laser Hair Removal Actually Work For Me?

For many people, maintaining our appearance takes up a lot of time. Morning routines and constant touch ups take up a surprising amount of time. One of the most annoying, time consuming, and sometimes painful of things we do is hair removal. Many people feel far better removing a variety of areas of hair from their body. Having tried razors, waxes and creams, it might be time to try something else. None of these produce a long lasting result and always needs maintenance eventually. Some people have turned towards laser hair removal as a more permanent method of getting rid of unwanted hair. After years of annoyance, people are asking: would getting laser hair removal actually work for me?

Answer: Laser hair removal works well, but is less effective the darker the hair color.

A lot of people expect laser hair removal to work immediately and provide them with perfectly cleared skin. The truth is that is not how laser hair removal works. The process of laser hair removal begins with the laser itself. This laser shoots light at the hair, which travels down to the base and the follicle. This damages the follicle and the hair will fall out. It should be noted that for most people, the hair will repair itself. 

This means that the key to laser hair removal is multiple treatments. Each treatment needs to be spread out enough so that hair can regrow each time. If the hair is too short, it won’t work. Each time the hair grows back, it’s going to be lighter and finer. Eventually if the follicle is destroyed completely, the hair will stop growing back. In most cases, treatments are spread out a few months apart. 

For people with very dark hair, sometimes it’s possible that the hair won’t reach the point of the follicle falling out. It’s likely that the hair will become much lighter and wispier. It’s sort of an interesting contradiction because it’s easiest to perform laser hair removal on someone with light skin and darker hair, since it shows the most contrast. The good news is that different types of lasers actually will be more beneficial for different types of hair. This means that if you undergo the treatment with a technician who really knows what they are doing, it’s possible to still see the benefits. 

It should always be noted that there’s some potential side effects, especially temporarily after they get a treatment. It’s possible for skin color in treated areas to change color or appear red like it’s been sunburned. It may be easily irritated by the sun or other light sources and can feel dry. The skin can also blister and then crust. If people aren’t careful, then these irritated areas could become worse and potentially even infected. Any signs of infections, fevers or other serious skin damage should certainly seek medical attention quickly. 

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