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Can I Renovate My Kitchen To Look More Modern?

Perhaps the most important feature of today's kitchen is multi-functionality. Once regarded as a cooking room for homemakers, the modern kitchen has become a gathering place for everyone in the household. The activities that were restricted to living rooms, family rooms and home offices a few decades ago are now being carried out in the kitchen while accommodating its traditional purposes - cooking, cleaning and storing. Modern kitchens are designed not to make you a better cook, but to make your time spent in the kitchen safe, worthwhile and enjoyable.

With that being said, for those planning to build a new kitchen or remodel an existing one, there are plenty of resources online and offline to get through planning, financing, shopping for products and materials, choosing flooring and incorporating style. Kitchen design experts can show you how to make everything work the way you want, for the way you cook and live. Then there are many features in today's kitchens that address safety concerns and accommodate lifestyles of young, old and people with special needs. The question however remains: Can you renovate your kitchen to look modern, right away?

Answer: You can easily renovate your kitchen to look modern, and you should consider it

A kitchen with modern features is one of the greatest assets for a comfortable lifestyle and satisfaction. It's a place where you can not only refuel your body but relax, be sociable and have a good life. By renovating your kitchen, you will be able to increase your property value or make it more marketable when it's time to sell. In some areas of the kitchen, you can make changes yourself; other areas require professional help from interior designers, remodeling contractors or design and build remodeling firms.

A team of professionals can help you remodel your kitchen by creating a design that is personal and efficient. They can assist you in integrating a style that is consistent with the rest of the house. You may want to seek help from one of these professionals if you are making significant remodeling for a modern look. Some firms that offer design services also offer construction service, so if you need assistance in multiple areas, like appliance replacements, refinishing floors or repainting cabinets, you can get it all done with the design. Then there are contractors that offer design services and more by going into partnership with other contractors. Whoever you hire, you need to take the time to research thoroughly, by interviewing them, inspecting their portfolios, calling references and asking tough questions. It's also wise to call trade associations and agencies to check the credentials of anyone you are hiring for your modern kitchen project.

A modern updated kitchen can not only increase your home value but become a primary factor for prospective buyers to choose your house over others'. However, remodeling a kitchen may be much more personal to you than an intention to add value to your property. You may want to prepare delightful meals equipped with the latest appliances and designed to enable you to move effortlessly without tripping over trash cans or dinner chairs. You may want to be able to find all the empty cans in your cabinet without removing its entire contents. You may have always wished you had additional space to keep your receipts, antacids, phone books and candies, far away from the countertops and cooking stoves. Today's modern kitchens are designed to accommodate all of those above needs while increasing the efficiency and performance of the kitchen and retaining its traditional functionality. However, remember that even the smallest change to your existing kitchen may require careful planning and analysis, especially when space is limited and budget is tight.

Before remodeling starts, it’s time for the planning and analysis process. Ask yourself this important question," What is wrong with my kitchen?". Maybe the floor plan was originally designed for only one cook, not two or more. Perhaps the storage area that you currently have is inadequate, or the appliances look too outdated. You can change any of these situations with a modern remodeled kitchen. Note how each member of your household is using the kitchen. Is it worth spending a big amount for a complete overhaul or modest amount for a few cosmetic changes? There are many ways to modernize your kitchen. Planning and analyzing include taking a realistic look for current as well as future situations. This means anticipating expansion or reduction of household size, or even selling of the house.

Additional Resources

Many information and resources on the internet can help you tremendously in designing and building your modern kitchen. A few such resources are noted below:

  1. House Beautiful - This is for modern kitchen enthusiasts and is sure to conjure up design ideas for your dream kitchen. Whether you are looking to upgrade cabinetry or simply refinish a wooden furniture, there are countless tips and tricks to help you do that. Whatever your kitchen theme may be, you will find a number of thought-provoking images and descriptions throughout this website.
  2. HGTV - A picture speaks a thousand words, and HGTV has thousands of pictures to speak. There are designs for every kitchen - without breaking the bank - the only thing required is your upfront decision. The website contains a plethora of information, from choosing the right appliance to installing countertops that you can accomplish all by yourself. You can also contact design professionals in your area through this website. 
  3. Architectural Digest - Planning a kitchen facelift or a full-scale remodel to give your kitchen a contemporary touch? Architectural Digest has a wide range of kitchen designs to assist in your project. Rustic, sleek, industrial and stainless steel - there are many more themes to choose from for a modern kitchen.

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