Can Installing an Antler Chandelier Improve My Decor?

When it comes to decorating a room or home, there’s a need for a “showpiece”. This is one feature or piece of furniture that manages to get people talking and show off the real style that you are going for. A showpiece can be different for every home and every style. Many people look at chandeliers for their showpiece.

Chandeliers can sometimes be thought of as stuffy and pretentious. This can be true of large crystal chandeliers which just scream “privilege”. Other forms of chandeliers can be exciting ways to simply get a room lit. One of the most distinct types of chandeliers that you can find is the antler chandelier. But can an antler chandelier actually improve your decor?

Answer: Ensure that your home is taking advantage of rustic country styling. 

Quite simply, antler chandeliers are not for everyone. They have a distinct and incredible style that works well in more situations than people may realize, but can’t work in all styles. That may seem like a disappointing situation, but really, there’s no chandelier that works well in any situation. Antler chandeliers are ideal for country styling, traditional styles and in some rustic/modern fusion designed rooms. 

Antler chandeliers can vary from traditional to modern in design. Traditional designs show off authentic antlers interlocked into a beautiful design along with the lighting that is needed to create a proper chandelier. Modern chandeliers still use the beauty of the antler design, but may choose to instead alter coloring. A large white antler chandelier can be a show stopping kind of decor in a modern home that’s taking advantage of fresh open space with hints of classic country style. 

There’s a benefit to antler chandeliers. Their natural beauty isn’t manufactured and forced. The best antler chandeliers are made from natural antlers which are cast off in the spring. In some cases, antler chandeliers are not made of actual found antlers , but instead are made from synthetic designs instead. These can be known as “faux antler chandeliers”. You may wonder why anyone would want a fake antler chandelier, and the simple answer is the price. The authentic designs can be incredibly expensive and run into tens of thousands of dollars if they are really fancy. Faux antler chandeliers tend to be much less expensive and run up to around $900 on the high end. 

Additional Sources

Antler chandeliers offer some of the most unique and impressive styling out there. Take this opporuntiy to learn more from these other great sources about how to properly use them in your decorating and how to keep them well maintained. 

  1. Teton Lighting - This manufacturer of lighting products doesn't focus just on antler chandeliers, but rather on a wide variety of fixtures. Their article is designed to assist people with maintenance of an antler chandelier. There’s no purpose to buying a beautiful chandelier if you’re not going to keep it in proper shape and looking great.
  2. Log Home Living - This website focuses purely on decorating rustic country homes. Log home living has produced an article which gives plenty of design tips for making use of an antler chandelier and how you should hang one in your home or lodge. 
  3. Antlerworx - This is a website dedicated to a company that makes and sells antler based furniture. Chandeliers are common, but lamps and other items exist as well. This article is one that helps provide the novice with information on how home decor will shift when an antler chandelier (or other item) is placed within the home.

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