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Does Renovating My Bathroom Add Value To My Home?

Everyone wants to live in a home that’s “perfect”. What perfect actually means is very different for everyone, but there’s one area that usually is common. That’s the bathroom Almost everyone wants to have a bathroom that is spacious, looks great and fulfills every need you could have. 

The bathroom renovation project is one of the most popular out there. Many people choose to set up a bathroom renovation after they buy a home so that it’s perfect right from the beginning. There’s also another time when bathroom reno’s are common. That’s just before a home is sold. It seems like an odd time to do a bathroom renovation. Why are people improving it so that they can sell it. Does renovating my bathroom actually add extra value to my home? 

Answer: If done correctly, your home asking price should go up higher than the costs involved. 

The bathroom is one of two rooms in a home that can often sell the entire place. The other one being the kitchen. Therefore, when you renovate a bathroom to a really high level, most realtors will be able to increase the asking price of the home a greater amount. This means that anyone selling their home can get a very quick return on their bathroom investment. 

Which renovations are the most common choices? It can depend on the bathroom, but the main goal is to ensure that the look isn’t “dated”. Modern looks often include impressive purpose built shower that provides a great cleaning experience. A textured tile floor is a common and exciting choice for this shower. It keeps feet from slipping while in the shower. Another fun choice is including a window in the shower. Obviously this depends on where the bathroom is located in the house. That being said, greeting the sun while in the shower can make a morning feel wonderful. Check a bathroom to see if the tile is dingy and faded. If that’s the case, replacing it is probably a great choice. Lighting is also important. Sometimes some simple lighting hints behind the mirror can improve the bathroom very easily. 

Why did the answer to the above question carry a hedge though? A great bathroom seems like a great selling point. The reason is that because a bathroom renovation is just that, it’s a renovation. There’s certainly no guarantee that any renovation is going to go flawlessly. There’s a huge number of renovation horror stories out there and certainly a large number of them are centered around the bathroom. People may begin the reno and suddenly find out a number of problems with the bathroom. Water damage is common, and a change from sub-standard plumbing can be very expensive if it wasn’t expected in the first place. A bad contractor can drag out a renovation and go well over budget, or not even finish. Bringing in a second contractor to fix the mistakes of the first will almost certainly ruin the potential financial windfall a bathroom renovation can have before selling a home. 

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