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Are Discounts Really Available on New SUVs?

There’s a lot to love when it comes to driving an SUV. They offer up great features, are comfortable to drive, and have become far sportier than they used to be. Thanks to these reasons and others, there’s been plenty of excitement in the SUV and crossover markets. SUV sales continue to skyrocket compared to other car segments and don’t really show any sign of stopping. However, due to their large amount of features and popularity, prices of SUVs tend to keep rising as well. In order to get a new SUV, many people might need to get a discount. Saving some serious money on an SUV would certainly make buying one more attractive. That begs the question though, are discounts really available on new SUVs? 

Answer: There’s a surprising number of discounts available on various SUVs

Throughout the year, SUVs tend to go on sale depending on the schedules of an automaker. There’s a few ways they can discount their vehicles. The first is a straight discount on the manufacturers suggested retail price. Typically this will come in increments of $500, ranging from that amount up to around $6,000. The other way that a person can get a discount on an SUV is through the financing offered. Many sales offer a discount on the interest rates, which can really add up. Getting just a percent or two off the financing interest rate will add up to thousands of dollars in the long run. It just might not feel quite as enjoyable as the up front large discount. 

One thing to recognize is that discounts are always going to vary by dealership, location in the country and constantly change. Typically discounts change month to month. This means that the best way to find a large discount is to stay very vigilant. There are several consumer websites that try to aggregate together all the potential discounts out there for a variety of different models. Some of those will be discussed later in the additional resources of this article. 

As of the writing of this article, there are quite a few great discounts right now. At dealerships around the country, the GMC Terrain is showing an average discount of about 16%, or almost $6,000! That’s mighty impressive. The Hyundai Kona is a less expensive option, but is discounted close to this as well. The Kona shows an average discount around 15% that almost comes up to $4,000. Larger SUVs like the Volkswagen Atlas also have an average discount over $4,500 which comes in at about 10% of the MSRP. Other SUVs with big discounts (10%+) include the Kia Soul, Nissan Murano, Keep Cherokee, Hyundai Tucson and Chevy Equinox.  

Additional Resources

There’s a lot of information floating around. Using as many resources as possible is obviously the best way to go to help find a great discount. These resources can provide just that. 

  1. - If you’re looking for a source on finding a good deal on an SUV, it’s hard to beat this source. This article is updated monthly and focuses on financing discounts. Specifically, it focuses on 0% financing. 
  2. Carmax - Carmax is often best known for their assistance in getting information about used cars. That being said, this article focuses instead on ranking SUVs to help people determine which one might be worth buying.
  3. Edmunds - Edmunds is a wonderful consumer website that provides all kinds of information to potential car buyers. This article is a consistently updating article that focuses on some of the best discounts on vehicles of all types including SUVs, Sedans, Minivans and others. 

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