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Could a Great Deal Get Me Into a New Truck Faster?

There’s no vehicle more American than the truck. Trucks have a great history in this country and there’s a reason for that. They have the size we love. They’re great at providing the help we need when work needs to get done! They’ve traditionally been inexpensive for what they are. Yes, the truck has been one of the perfect vehicles for almost anyone. Today, it’s much the same, though trucks have evolved a bit. Trucks have become more expensive, but they also have increased the comfort and luxury that might otherwise not be noticed. It’s a tricky conundrum because a lot of truck people want to get a new vehicle as often as possible. The question floating around is: could a great deal get me into a new truck faster? 

Answer: Sales and deals on trucks keep shifting, so getting the one you want may be easier than you realize.

Truck deals continue to change. They will last for a specific period of time and then go away. There’s some pretty good deals going on as of the writing of this article. That being said, these are subject to change at the whims of different automotive dealerships and companies. Their offers change frequently to help engage their customers and bring more people in to buy.

One great option is the Ford Ranger. This midsize truck looks great, and is currently offered with a very nice $2,250 cash back offer on anyone looking to purchase one. It should be noted that this may only apply to the Lariat version in many cases, but since that’s the nicest version of the Ranger anyway, nothing wrong with that.

Arguably the best deal currently on the market may be on the GMC Sierra 1500. There are huge cash rebates over $5,000 for both the 2020 and 2021 model, meaning there’s going to be plenty of wiggle room when you are negotiating. On top of that, it might also be possible to get 0% financing. This combination of offers makes for an incredibly good deal on a very nice truck. It should be noted that the 2500 and 3500 models also have some solid cash offers, but nothing compared to the 1500. 

For people who like their truck with a bit of extra flavor, there’s always the Jeep Gladiator. Currently, there’s the possibility of 0% financing with the right credit and also a little cash offer of $1,000 added on top. 

Essentially, deals for trucks are always out there. If the truck you want doesn’t have a good deal going for it right now, it will probably become available soon. If patience isn’t a virtue, then it’s good to examine all the different options and pick a truck that works right for you. 

Additional Resources

There’s many resources online allowing for more information to be gathered about truck buying and especially getting a good deal on a truck. These online sources can give you more information about the trucks you’re after and just how much you might be able to save. 

  1. Edmunds - Edmunds is a reliable source of vehicle information. This article is one which will update regularly and shows off the current offers available for trucks. It should be noted that this is very general and the exact details will need to be explored. 
  2. U.S. News - A popular website with many visitors, U.S. News provides a huge amount of information about vehicles, with reviews and purchase information. This article changes monthly and shows off the best deals available on a monthly basis for trucks. 
  3. Motor Trend - This magazine has evolved into a digital platform and is well known for their awards. This article focuses not specifically on deals, but on the lowest priced pickups on the market. Sometimes finding a nice low priced vehicle is a deal in itself.

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