How Much Can I Really Save Using Coupons?

Everyone likes to save money and using coupons is one way to help decrease the amount spent on day to day purchases such as groceries or household goods. Couponing has become more popular recently, especially with television shows that highlight extravagant coupon savings that may be unrealistic to the average consumer. These shows provide a look at coupon saving that shows up in hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. A full grocery bill at 80% off isn't really obtainable for most people. 

"Extreme couponing" requires a significant amount of time and planning, which most people do not want to commit in order to create stockpiles of household goods. Having the space to store large amounts of couponed items is also an issue if one wants to stockpile. The average consumer wants to save money, but may not want or be able to coupon "extreme". So what can the average person expect to save using coupons?

Answer: The 3 Best Methods to Save Using Coupoons

There are several ways to coupon that don't require huge amounts of time or resources. The easiest and oldest is paper coupons. These are often available in local newspapers, on the item box itself or in store flyers. Using paper coupons is easy and efficient. Most paper coupons for groceries may save anywhere from twenty five cents to one dollar on an item, but may have restrictions such as requiring a certain number to bought in order to get a discount. One must also be aware of time or store restrictions.

A second way of couponing is using coupon apps. Many different coupon apps are available and will help also cut down your costs. These often use manufacturer coupons just like paper coupons but require you to scan your receipt after purchase. Many will either reimburse you immediately, such as to your PayPal account or will build up your account to a certain amount and then you can cash out. Often, the apps will allow you to "stack" your coupons, which means using the app discount as well as a paper coupon at the same time, creating "double savings."

Another way of couponing is using store rewards. These are often at select stores which reward you for your loyalty. Store rewards often use your phone number or an app to scan at the checkout. These may also offer manufacturer coupons as well as store coupons, specifically for that store. Most stores will not allow "stacking" with a paper coupon since they are both the same coupon, however will allow a "store coupon" to be used with a manufacturer coupon. Many store rewards programs will also give things such as "bonus" awards for more discounts.

Using coupons, apps and store rewards can add up to good savings on daily items. A small amount of planning could provide savings up to 50% or more on many items. Here is a few resources that can assist in beginning successful couponing.

Additional Resources

  1. This app explores all of the paper and electronic coupons along with many store sales and tells you exactly what you need to use and where to find it to get the best savings.
  2. This allows you to print paper copies of coupons that are often available in newspapers as well as linking favorite store rewards programs and manufacturer coupons in the same place. Just scan a receipt and rewards are credited to your account.
  3. Money Crashers - This website provides many people with advice about how to save money on coupons. The linked article in question refers to coupons for groceries. People are leaving hundreds and thousands of dollars on the table through their shopping habits. Why not fix that? 

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