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Should I Hold Out On Buying an SUV Until I Get a Good Deal?

There’s no aspect of the vehicle market that is as exciting as the SUV segment. There’s a reason that SUVs and their crossover brethren are so popular. While ordinary SUVs were rough around the edges and a pain to drive, modern SUVs are often the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. Add in the added safety and elevated driving position and people feel confident in driving an SUV. THere’s a caveat however. Many SUVs can be very expensive. Since they are larger than a car, there’s more raw materials, and thus a higher price. It’s important to get a good deal on any SUV that you choose to purchase. However, how does a person really get a good deal on an SUV? For many people, their budget might limit them in the type of SUV that they want to get. That said, it raises the question: should I hold out on buying an SUV until I get a good deal? 

Answer: If you’re getting a great deal, then there’s no reason to wait further. 

If you want to get a great deal, you need to figure out what vehicle you’re after. Once you know which SUV you want, then you can go from there. The second step involves researching the actual market value of the SUV you want. There are plenty of different tools online from various websites like Blue Book and Edmunds that can help you figure out the market value of your car. Getting a price down to this level or below is a great deal! If your SUV has a market price of around $42,000, and the market value is around $37,000, then aim for that or slightly below. You might need to work on your negotiation skills, but be patient. 

Timing of buying your SUV matters if you want a good deal. It may not seem like it should, but it does. Arguably the best time of year to buy is during October and November. Statistically, deals are easiest to find during these months. Why is that? One reason is that model years often change earlier. This gets to the point where dealerships really need to move on those previous model year vehicles and sometimes are willing to take little to no profit, or even a loss to get the vehicle sold. It should be noted that not every car company, or even SUV model is on the same timeline. This means that these kinds of deals can be spotted throughout the year for different models. It’s about vigilance. 

Another consideration is to try to buy a car near the end of the month. Quite simply, car salespeople can receive bonuses monthly, or sometimes need to meet a minimum quota. If a salesperson is close to either of those scenarios, then they might offer you a pretty great deal on an SUV. However, it’s worth noting that if they aren’t, you aren’t going to be able to squeeze a good deal from them. 

Additional Resources

There’s a lot of information about the different SUVs on the market. What’s more, you can also find a lot of information on how to get a great deal on the SUV you want. Some great sources of information include: 

  1. Kelley Blue Book - Arguably the most well known source for information on used cars, the Blue Book is more than that. This slide show article changes monthly and offers up some of the best deals to be found in SUVs regionally or nationally. 
  2. CNBC - One of the largest news networks in the country, CNBC is well known and trusted by many. Rather than focus just on SUVs, this article focuses on how to get a good deal on an end-of-year vehicle of any type. 
  3. TrueCar - This website can provide a huge amount of information about different cars. This article attempts to rank some of the best SUVs on the market to help people choose what kind of vehicle they want to get a deal on. 

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